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Imagine my surprise when two of my daily required reading blogs featured soda bread this morning! I'll be weighing in later this weekend with my own rendition. Now, if I only had a blog. But, never mind. Sultanas are what the British, and certain self-described fancy ladies refer to as ordinary golden raisins -- available right here in the colonies in your grocer's dried fruit and other oddities section. I prefer sultanas (the name and the fruit) for the following reasons: they are prettier, they plump when you cook them; they seem to have fewer seeds; and well, darn it, they're just plain fancier, dont' you agree?


That didnt come out quite right -- the british (and others) refer to ordinary golden raisins as sultanas, not the other way around as i may have led you to believe. in any event, they are also sweeter. kids seem to recoil in horror less often too.

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