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hello 16F648A? OR 16F726?


16F648A? OR 16F726? THANK YOU


You are right, it is 16F726.


How did you manage to get the bluetooth dongle working without a pic with usb host feature?
your bluetooth dongle have this feature? or because the usb to PS/2 it was unnecessary?
i mean, when i try to do something similar with what you have done, i have to use a pic24f with usb host to get it working...


RedDude, I found one sentence somewhere (wikipedia?) that explained that USB mice have to be able to work plugged into a PS/2 jack (on the old PCs). The way they do this is to detect that the computer does not support USB and to revert to the old PS/2 signaling. I got lucky with the bluetooth mouse I have -- the dongle happens to work the same way. It could not find USB supported on the connection, so it reverted to the PS/2 protocol.


Hey David, thanks so much for the fast answer. Awesome job by the way.
your BT dongle, did it came with the mouse? do you know it model?
so strange! BT dongles are slaves (Usb Device/Peripheral), it should need be conected on a Usb host (master) to get it working... so you think because it was reverted to old PS/2 signaling, the usb host wasn't necessary?
thanks again


RedDude, I probably ordered it from DealExfreme.com, I think about two years ago. The dongle comes with the mouse -- there is a place in the mouse where you can store the dongle.

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