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wow, you HAVE to experience this image large. crazy and insane and very cool things existing in those bottles. i like a good whiskey but have never had anything like this. fantastic.


Wow, those are amazing. Glad you explained what they were because I had no idea. :)

Bruce Dearborn Walker

That's not ginger, it's ginseng roots. The ginseng is usually steamed and dried, and looks like little sticks, but when it's placed in liquor the original carroty shape returns. The little reddish oblong pellets in the bottom row of jars are red jujube dates, to take some of the edge off the ginseng. The uppermost right jar has some kind of leafy herb in it. Korean ginseng is very powerful and very "hot" or "yang," and the dates are cooling and add a sweet flavor. I make this stuff myself with more herbs and charge a good amount for it. Very cool picture.

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