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Very nice !
But how did you get the different colors ?


really cool! Very creative use of long exposure. The colors are really great.


Hmmm... is it RMND? Those colours are great and you should definitely experiment some more with this!


Really cool shot. I too wonder how you got the different colors.


Now that you've found my secret, guess you won't have to stop by anymore. Great shot.


To get the colors I used a "Sauce LightWand" (cksauce.com). The one I have came out a few years ago. It worked well for the shot because it changes colors gradually and always has roughly the same brightness. The letters are "DAVID". And,TSG, I will continue to visit, because I can only take the pictures in a completely dark room. I don't think the sd100 can do long exposure if there is too much light. Thanks, all, for the comments.


This is great! Very creative and thats what I like to see.


Hmm, I need to get one of those.

G N Bassett

Oh, man, you stole my idea. I swear, no lie, I thought of doing this. Oh well, you win. fantastic execution, I would have used a mononchrome light.


Aw I miss that capability on my non digital cam :( I used to be able to experiment a lot with long exposures. I'll have to get a better camera.

Danny Tucker


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