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G N Bassett

This is great. You know, another good shot is the busiest street of most downtown areas on Christmas morning about 7:00 a.m. You'd think you were the last one left on earth.


I've heard that Times Square on New Years Day is downright creepy for how quiet it is.

Joe Ganley

Times square on New Years Day: Dirty too, I bet.


Hi, Dave

Evidently, you travel even further than WV. Did you get any good shots of Seneca Rocks? Be sure to bring your camera to McClure, PA in August.




Ever thought of a career in the PhotoArts? Your work has a "Sunday Painter Quality".

Your light painting "David" is fantastic.

Send me the high rez file and I'd be delighted to make a print for you - Gratis.. No no wait, I want one sWith Nico for my son's room - thats my fee.

Keep up the great work, you have an eye for the sublime.


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