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Very cool video! Watching it I thought it would be fun to place the matrix at the end of a tunnel of mirrors for a kind of kaleidoscope effect.

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I was looking at the schematic and I was wondering what the resistor values were?


In the version I actually built (pictured above), I don't have any resistors between the PIC chip and the transistors, and used 220 ohm resistors between the 2N3904 transistors and the LED columns. This has been working great.

From what I read in the Microchip docs, they recommend 2K resistors between the PIC and the transistors, so I have been doing that in my new designs.

For the resistors between the transistors and the LED columns, you want (5v - V.led)/(I.led). If the drop (V.led) of the LED is 2v, and the current (I.led) is 20ma, then R should be 150 ohms. This is the most conservative number. Since the LEDs are multiplexed, you should be able to drive the LEDs with more current. Check the specs.

I also recommend building it on a breadboard first. Please let me know if you build it. I can post your picture here.

Good luck, David

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Thanks for the info on the resistors. I am going to try to build it. I belive I have all the parts. I just have to dubble check on the transistors.
Thinks again. Nice job on it.


If you have a regulated power supply, then you don't need the LM7805 or the capacitors. This is what I am using in the pictures above. Let me know if you have any questions or any problems.

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I have build the frame for the led's. I was wondering if you by any chance know of a place that I can cross reference the transistors at. I used to use a site but it went down. If now that is ok, I have some that I think will work fine.


The 2N3904 (on the columns) is an NPN general purpose amplifier. The 2N3906 (on the rows) is a PNP.

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Well I finished it. The only problem I have is the lights don't fade out. At the start of the program the leds should follow each other on and off. Mine does not do that. I put bigger resistors in from the transistor to the columns and rows. That did not change it. The only thing I can thing of doing is changing the leds. Any ideas??


Do the lights go out at all? Or do they just stay on? Do they go on in order?

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They are going on/off in different patterns. They are no runing the same pattern as yours are. I have just check all my connections and rows / columns and they are all correct. I have even chaned my leds still no go.

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If you can send me a email I will send you a video of what it is doing.


Here are some ideas to help figure out how we can make it work:
1. You can put a video on youtube
2. You can put some pictures on flicker
3. You can email me some pictures
4. I can make a new version of the program that firsts tests each LED, then tests each row, then tests each column.
Which do you want to try?

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I can send you a video and also if it is easy I will try a test pattern. I am good with hardware but I have never figured out how to program the pic chips. Thanks for the help

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Here is the video of it in action "http://rapidshare.com/files/119468426/100_6940.MOV.html" Let me know what you think. Thanks


I can't see the video. The site says that the download bandwidth is exceeded. I uploaded a version of the crossbar code that will test the LEDs. BUT I haven't tried to run it -- I hope it works! http://thevaportrail.com/projects/crossbar_led_test.zip

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The download bandwith is exceeded means your IP has the max allowed for the time frame. I will up it to a different place. And I will try the test. Thanks for the help

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Here is what I found the Rows with the 2n3906's are on when they should be off and off when they should be on. I am using this part "http://www.radioshack.com/product/index.jsp?productId=2062585&cp="


That's how much I don't know about transistors! I built the original with NPN instead of PNP. I uploaded a new version of the code here. I included both the LED test hex file and the regular hex file. The assembly is the same (look for the line that says "#define LED_TEST_BUILD"). -- http://thevaportrail.com/projects/crossbar_fix.zip

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That made a difference. Thanks for the help. Will get pictures and video to you when I am done

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Do you have a email address I can send you pics and videos at?



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I sent you pics of mine last night.
Thanks for the help.

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