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Bob McDonald

Hi there!
I am building a model space ship and would like to put two rings of fourteen LED's in the top and bottom halves of the sauser( the no.14 is the number of little windows in each the two halves of the sauser)and I see only 8,12,16,or 32 led's rings none of which would fit in the space avalible. What I don't know about electronics DOSE fill a librairy.I have a friend who would build it for me, but you know Family, work the important stuff gets in the way, he will build it, but dosen't have time to design it. I have a diagram for a 16 LED chaser, but don't know if it can be modified to handle just fourteen. I would really, really, really appreciate some help.


The easiest thing to do is use the 16 LED chaser, but not connect two of the LEDs. That might even make it more interesting, because you would get a little pause where you skipped the LEDs. For example, you could do 7 LEDs, skip the 8th, then 7 more, skipping the 16th. This would give you chase-pause-chase-pause around the space ship.

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